TV Reviews/Verdicts

My reviews of TV Shows are split into two formats.

  1. Episode Reviews: Reviews of each episode of a TV Show, giving each a brief written “snippet” or verdict as well as a score out of 10
  2. Season Reviews: Each season of a TV Show is discussed in terms of its ‘pros’ and  ‘cons’, this may be detailed or brief.


0-2: Unwatchable

2.1-5: Bad

5.1-6: Poor

6.1-7: Okay

7.1-8: Good

8.1-9: Great

9.1-9.5: Amazing

9.6-9.9: Near-Perfect

10: Perfect

Some TV Shows discussed in the ‘Episode Reviews’ may not be found in the ‘Season Reviews’, as the latter is a new addition to this site.

However, it is also true that not all TV Shows reviewed in the ‘Season Reviews’ will be found in the ‘Episode Reviews’. This may be due to the fact that the series does not warrant a review per episode, or there simply are too many episodes per season. I try to provide consistent reviews and therefore I simply do not have enough time to give every episode of every show a response.