Review: Mudbound

Upon a canvas of torment, sweat and unstoppable commitment to ones’ family, ‘Mudbound’ is an epic that presents a current of conflict, duty and emotion. The story flows naturally, a sophisticated and respectful exploration of a small but symbolic snapshot in American history, addressing a key theme of obligation, not just in the social sense … Continue reading Review: Mudbound


Review: Justice League

Considering the intense scrutiny surrounding this film, I have decided to break from format for a review that is a little longer than usual: ‘Justice League’ exists within a tricky, awkward environment, as the film attempts to both cater towards critique of ‘Batman V Superman’ and reaffirm DC’s distinctive cinematic tone and visual flair. One … Continue reading Review: Justice League

Review: Thor: Ragnarok

  Within ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ is two films not just narratively, but in terms of style and tone. The first has a theatrical intimacy, an emotionally potent view of its central characters, especially Hulk, that excels in the quiet moments  with witty humour and brilliant comedic performances. The other is an attempt at an epic, inter-dimensional … Continue reading Review: Thor: Ragnarok

Review: Blade Runner 2049

Humanity's memories are defined by their mess. The individual, with their greatest will, unable to think back upon them in clear, perfect manner. It is a purposeful assertion to highlight mankind's contrast with technological vision that supports nothing else but perfection and viability, most notably in terms of economic and capitalist success. Yet, if a machine … Continue reading Review: Blade Runner 2049

Review: It

Consciously traumatising, but also proudly intellectual in its stance towards the horror genre, 'It' may be over-long, have a scattered structure that often makes the conceptual ideas difficult to follow, and often rely too heavily upon tropes, but its ambition and style can not be doubted. Arguing that life is neither a cheerful, joyous experience, … Continue reading Review: It

Review: Death Note

'Death Note' is absolutely tortured and devoured by its pace. Rocketing through every significant moment with zero care for source material or character, this film's script is a tumultuous beast that lacks emotion, tension and dramatic consequence. The characters are paper-thin, lacking any foundation to influence their moral decision, while the touches of theme are … Continue reading Review: Death Note

Review: War For The Planet Of The Apes

Never quite spurring on utter devastation, either emotionally or in fulfilling a true war, 'War For The Planet Of The Apes' still finds triumph in presenting the parable of Caesar, played perfectly by Andy Serkis, a performance for which he should win an Oscar (yes, that is a cliché that must be repeated). One may … Continue reading Review: War For The Planet Of The Apes