Welcome to A Dream Of Opinions.

A range of content is found in the top right menu of the page including reviews, opinions and best and worst lists.

It is my hope to provide a variety of intellectual perspectives and thoughts on media, though presented in a format that that is still appealing and easily read by all viewers.This site serves to use entertainment as a means of discussing wider issues.

For reviews I write a short ‘snippet’ or verdict about the film and my opinion on its quality. This is also followed by a score out of 5 for films (in keeping with the score used on Rotten Tomatoes) and out of 10 for TV. I choose to write these shorter reviews as they allow the viewer to gain a quick understanding of my thoughts without any plot being ruined, or without spoiling the overall experience of the material.

Opinions, however, are different. They are longer, article like pieces that analyse aspects of the film or TV show that may be deemed controversial, or I believe need analysis.



If you want to know what I look for in film heres an article I wrote mid 2016: https://dreamofopinions.com/2016/06/24/opinion-what-makes-a-good-film/