Review: Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 Episode 10 “Despite Yourself”

Although the overall concept of parallel universes is predictable as is how Tyler’s PTSD-like story develops with its serialised aspects, holding back the character’s blooming relationship with Burnham seemingly for the sake of it, the writers are still able to pull off an episode that is for the most part compelling. A tone is cleverly set that never simplifies the circumstances the characters find themselves in, providing deep lore-driven writing, but is able to balance this depth with charming humour. Elements of mystery and absurd, witty developments retain pace and urgency while striking technical components make the episode beautiful to view. Some of the characters, especially the villains, are categorised into clear black and white roles, meaning that while the overall narrative is easy to follow, some of the actions employed lack tension, nuance or meaningful thematic value. Otherwise, however, this is a welcome, satisfying return for the show. 8.3/10


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