Review: Black Mirror Season 4 Episode 4 “Hang the DJ”

Commenting upon ‘Hang the DJ’ after viewing it as a full story it becomes most apparent that the episode is centrally about character. Luckily, for the most part the characters are exceptionally intriguing and delightful to follow, though the female characters particularly are spotlighted as the most controlling, picky and inconsistent in their presentation and feelings. The performances are understated but leave an impression, while the humour adds to the protagonist’s clear interests in each other. However, the narrative or story used to project the show’s thematic statement becomes oddly irrelevant, and fake, by the end. While in hindsight this showcases an interesting frame-work to understand human connection and allows the episode, the ending means the episode doesn’t have the consequence, gratification or impact that other ‘Black Mirror’ episodes, even the optimistic ones, have had. 7.2


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