Review: Black Mirror Season 4 Episode 3 “Crocodile”

The purpose of ‘Black Mirror’, at least from my perspective, is to captivate with possibility, particularly the technological, then showcase consequence, horror, and the enveloping nature of how opportunity can develop into a prison. For this to work, the ending, twist or resolution must elicit a strong emotional punch, to send the message to the audience. This episode ends with such a punch, but its emotion is built upon general human despair, not a carefully constructed personal relationship with a character nor disgust in seeing a sympathetic protagonist do something awful. Instead, the audience watches an unsympathetic, under-developed character with no defining trait other than paranoia and compounding fear go through the motions. This procedural tone is striking also with the secondary character, an insurance worker, who brings the technological aspect into the episode. Yet, the episode doesn’t discuss how the central memory programme disturbs privacy or any other intellectual commentary the series thrives with. While the direction and cinematography is superb, again a high-concept idea is let down by no follow through. 5.9/10


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