Review: Riverdale Season 2 Episode 9 “Chapter Twenty-Two: Silent Night, Deadly Night”

In another episode where sentiment overrules actual narrative or character development, ‘Riverdale’ makes the smart move to ground this episode within the Christmas setting to discuss family and relationships, but also dumbs up its characters in a more inexcusable manner. Any likability or reliability that Veronica had is now gone, as the show embraces her brattiness and self-indulgence as it does for Betty and Jughead. All three characters are spoilt and out for themselves. While Veronica may spin her actions as being well-intentioned, the saviour of the town’s poor, her main goal is to impress Archie, despite being the one who created conflict with him in the first place. Bette’s journalistic narrow-mindedness is evident here, as her desire to solve the Black Hood mystery means she keeps quiet on the supposed ‘house of horrors’, and Jughead’s wish to have his father back means he was initially willing to keep quiet about the narcos trade. Ignorantly, the writers seem to introduce these moments are small side-plots or throw-away lines, not considering what they say about character. The final mystery reveal is also extremely underwhelming, and hopefully a fake-out. It shows ‘Riverdale’ lacks understanding of what the audience wants, and instead tries to spoil them with everything. 5.5/10


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