Review: The Crown Season 2 Episode 8 “Dear Mrs. Kennedy”

While ‘The Crown’ again rushes past what was a hugely significant event, Ghanan independence, and may take liberty in proposing connection between the Queen’s view of herself, actions in Ghana, and Mrs Kennedy’s comments, the episode does show some consistent thematic work. I personally dislike when new character traits are introduced for the sake of singular episodes or situations, and although this occurs here to an extent, as Elizabeth becomes suddenly concerned with age, it does link to the idea of relevancy and the monarchy’s pull. Furthermore, subtle strains in her relationship with Philip are reidentified, as are Philip’s flirtatious ‘ways’. Bringing the personal view and the public view together is one of the show’s greatest assets and lines of discussion. Therefore using the Kennedys to stir Elizabeth’s fire, and the Ghanan situation as an application, has great potency. Seeing the Queen self-advocacy and grit return is a welcome resolution, especially after episodes of her acting largely invisible. The final third does rely upon some pretty heavy conspiracy like notions, that may seem rather dramatic and forceful, but ultimately the episode certainly leaves a mark. 8.6/10


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