Review: The Crown Season 2 Episode 7 “Matrimonium”

Again showing no fear to focus upon episodic storytelling in order to retain historical accuracy, this episode is slightly underwhelming in the sense that it again ignores many previous arcs and events. There is no mention of the public reaction or implications of the files regarding Edward’s German associations, and little discussion of the current state of Philip and Elizabeth’s marriage, other than one excellent scene of Philip discussing unfair treatment as the monarchy attempts to become more inclusive and modern. The fluidity, freedom and glamour of Margaret and Antony’s romance however, provides a superbly insightful and human contrast to the constraints of the royal institution and the restrictions and rules regarding gaining the Queen’s acceptance. Yet, again, while it is briefly touched upon, not enough is done to showcase Elizabeth’s decision process and her need to protect the throne. Sure, one may argue this simply repeats themes, but they are essential not simply to the show’s statement on the monarchy, but the characters, and something I wish wasn’t being rushed by. 8.1/10


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