Review: The Crown Season 2 Episode 2 “The Company of Men”

In an episode owned by Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth does become a secondary character. It is an interesting decision that while distinctive and resemblant of the notions of this show focussing upon the Crown over one woman, may also seem peripheral to the audience’s true allegiance. A lot is done here to attempt to make Philip more sympathetic, including expanding upon his back story, noting his tumultuous adolescence and arguable lack of family as a framework. This purposefully denotes an aspect of Philip that struggles with established roles, remarking upon a life in flux. Furthermore, importantly, the episode illustrates this against a backdrop of masculinity and colonialism, clearly highlighting amusement and ignorance levelled at indigenous people by Philip and his men, crafting a balanced portrait of the Prince. This masculinity is again contrasted with Philip’s private moment which reap of emotion and sentiment, the camera lingering on Matt Smith’s intense showing of concentration and deep thought. It is therefore an episode that doesn’t spring with the grandiose of others, nor thundering power and challenge, but still entails a glimpse into another jewel in the Crown. 8.8/10


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