Review: Designated Survivor Season 2 Episode 9 “Three-Letter Day”

By this point ‘Designated Survivor’ is so far past its initial purpose and direction that it’s episodes are best consumed and viewed as bites or slithers of the Kirkman Presidency than a serial narrative. Kirkman, for the most part, is MIA during this episode, in a figurehead position that leaves the staff to act. The structure of three stories or duties could have been an excellent opportunity to develop the relationships of the staff, see how they act without immediate authority from the President and with the common people. Instead, the show delivers numerous half-baked ideas, poor dialogue and ultimately forgetful narrative steps that have little implication on character or theme, without any tension to elicit some reaction for the audience in the moment. Furthermore, Hannah’s story has become ridiculously predictable with layers of exposition based discussions and poorly paced turns that act to push the mystery out for more episodes. ‘Designated Survivor’ is no longer an insight into a man under immense pressure to perform in a new environment against personal and international issues. It has become a silly, pointless task. 4.8/10


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