Review: Riverdale Season 2 Episode 8 “Chapter Twenty-One: House Of The Devil”

A distinct ‘180’ is presented in this episode in what is meant to be the form of a reflective arc. Showcasing the downfall of the show’s two central relationships is meant to highlight the compounding pressure that the transition from adolescence to adulthood enforces. Jughead’s desire to protect Betty, and Veronica’s inability to truly love Archie push the teens to this point. Unfortunately, the circumstances in which these issues arise are heavily contrived, rushed and overshadow the show’s mystery. The romantic freedom, excitement and energetic pop of the opening works to show a light distraction for the teens from the Black Hood murders. But the mystery becomes squeezed into the episode, almost independent of other developments. While Veronica has issue with her relationship with Archie, she is fine to accompany him with the investigation. The mystery therefore exists in its own realm, a poor decision considering that the murders are meant to be an exact reflection on the town’s sins and not unrelated occurrences. 6.2/10


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