Review: Designated Survivor Season 2 Episode 8 “Home”

Isolating the President from his key staff here provided an excellent opportunity to see how Emily, Seth and Lyor, amongst others, handled their duties and to emphasise their relationships without the constant need to divert to the President’s needs. Unfortunately, such an opportunity is missed. While some strong acting and chemistry allows for some insight into Emily’s concern over her role as a boss in dealing with Seth, otherwise only narrative beats are covered and the characters go along for the ride. Lyor’s relationship with his wife is undoubtedly meant to explore his character, but it gets minimal screen time. The President’s trip is an issue itself, especially as the show never delves into the reason for its secrecy. Kirkman’s approach to the Afghan conflict is typical, but the writers provide very contrived, generic issues to settle, framed around two differing ideologies. It has very little implication on the show’s wider serial narrative and shows the series is just trying to find ways of keeping afloat. 5.9/10



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