Review: The Punisher Season 1 Episode 13 “Memento Mori”

While the direction and action choreography is excellent, with the director employing numerous ambitious shots and depictions, the central purpose of this episode, the confrontation between Frank and Billy, feels more out of necessity than reason. The pair always needed this fight, to allow Jigsaw to emerge from Russo, and to pave the way for Season 2, but instead here it felt tacked on. That is an issue with the larger season than this singular episode, but still not enough is done to transition Billy’s story from anything other than the generic downfall of an innocent patriot. Until the final action sequence, there also isn’t the usual emotional punch, and again David coming back to his family was extremely standard and expected. Ultimately, what this episode does is make Season 2’s direction clear, but also too predictable. It doesn’t linger enough on the effect of the season on Castle and his attempt at ‘going straight’ isn’t going to fool anyone. 6.2/10


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