Review: The Punisher Season 1 Episode 12 “Home”

The ending is undoubtedly gratifying, an explosion of heartbreak, vengeance, desire and duty for Frank. However, while the emotional sentiment is there, much of it is betrayed by the fact that Rawlins was never a great villain. While his generic ‘dirty’ actions and responsibility for Castle’s family’s deaths did create some reason for the audience to want him dead, the character’s monologues here were underwhelming, and again rather clicked. Billy Russo did gain some development, noting the comparison to Castle and how Russo lacked the family and connection Castle had, but the final confrontation still lacked depth. The hallucinations also added very little, simply reinforcing points that have been central to the series throughout. It is also an odd place to end with one episode to go. The series has been much longer than it needed to be already, so hopefully the finale is not simply filler. 7.5/10


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