Review: The Punisher Season 1 Episode 7 “Crosshairs”

With a mildly intriguing action sequence that is slightly convoluted in its framing, Frank Castle’s mission here starts off feeling like a sub-plot but ends on a high as the narrative does take a step forward. Much of it is still filler though, and the show’s pacing problems do again arise, but the episode is luckily saved by a heart-breaking, arresting insight into Lewis’ story. Lewis’ subplot remains seemingly irrelevant, more a commentary on PTSD than a fully-fleshed out aspect of the main narrative. But with stellar performances, a suspenseful music design, and captivating writing that digs deep into the core of the characters motivations and delivers an emotional, touching sequence with his father, the themes of fatherhood and family continue to soar. The sooner Lewis becomes of some significance to Frank, the better. 7.4/10


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