Review: The Punisher Season 1 Episode 5 “Gunner”

Although the ‘big bad’ is rather bland, generic and empty, a typical army man thrust into power, he contributes to a nice shift away from the typically, but also purposfully, confined scope of the Marvel Netflix franchise, towards a national focus with the CIA. This differentiates the show and gives greater weight and seriousness to Castle’s situation. That is vital here, as the episode ends with another brilliantly composed action piece, where the director masterfully utilises POV shots and the forest setting to craft a tense atmosphere of seclusion. Not only does this represent the conpsiracy angle of the show, showcasing how isolated the American public are from their intelligence agency’s interests, but it gives Castle an excellent environment to again emphasise his abilities. Considering the aforementioned magnitude, these actions seem to have implications. However, there is also a heavy focus on Madani throughout this episode, and while the events of the previous entry certainly gives her a purpose here, the sooner she is back out in the field the better. 8.5/10


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