Review: The Punisher Season 1 Episode 4 “Resupply”

Expanding the scope of the show with intersecting narratives and thematically rich subplots has benefits and disadvantages for ‘The Punisher’. While the Billy Russo story is still grappling for relevancy outside of placing the character on a pedestal for a potential villainy in the future, and discussing PTSD in a half-developed manner, it was excellent to see Castle and Micro, and Madani’s stories naturally flow together. The show excels when it focusses on the relationship between Frank and David. Their clear contrast in their view of extent, how issues should be handled and the moral implications of their actions is brilliantly dealt with, with the writers finding genuine moments of levity as well. Furthermore, the characters’ potent desire to safeguard loved one and their memories makes their interactions emotional and haunting, with each scene featuring the pair blossoming. This leads to a superbly directed finale car sequence, with the director capturing the perfect balance of bravado, force and character beats, a truly thrilling and narratively gratifying series of events. 8.5/10


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