Review: The Punisher Season 1 Episode 3 “Kandahar”

The relationship between Frank Castle and Micro is excellently teased here, as the pair’s ideological differences are well presented in relation to their evident need for each other. This clash will certainly provide splendour for the writers, but unfortunately the background story and conspiracy that is meant to inspire their unity against the Government is underwhelming. While the Kandahar flashbacks play almost point to point as one would expect, Micro’s origins are neither compelling nor that complex, a rather standard story that doesn’t promote anything unique or captivating about the character. This represents the episode as a whole, flat and mostly unexciting, with Madani also contributing little. Yet it also doesn’t fall into the trap of over-exposition, and the emotions speak for themselves. With this pair coming together, the story will hopefully soon pick up and the theme of family tragedy explored further. 7.4/10


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