Review: Mr. Robot Season 3 Episode 6 “”

This is the pay-off episode. It has been a long time coming, and finally it is here. For the most part, Sam Esmail wildly succeeds, a purposefully fractious, thrilling directorial vision excellently conveyed with tense, compounding music and a rocking performance from Rami Malek. It also perfectly symbolises the show’s ideological standpoint and the characters’ developments, a constantly escalating ripple as ideas are pushed to next level. The initial downfall of E-Corp having turned into a revolution, now a deadly slaughter. We may want to push each other to fully take advantage of skills, but what of the greater vibrations they elicit. White Rose continues to astound in her ability to be unpredictable, and the overall plan continues to be exceptionally intriguing. The episode also presents a welcomed insightful exploration of Angela’s motivations, whose initially generic law suit becomes less vengeful and more justified due to clear emotional depth. The main negative point I would attribute to this episode, however, was the almost tackiness of Mr. Robot’s interference. While it served both a thematic and narrative purpose, the visual display and disturbance felt underwhelming, and the touches of humour didn’t seem fitting within the intense situation. 9.3/10



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