Review: Mindhunter Season 1 Episode 10 “Episode 10”

With this superbly directed and written episode, ‘Mindhunter’ confirms this is Holden Ford’s show. It is no accident that his name reflects a contrast of brands, as the character’s actions here clearly indicate a duplicity beyond perspective. Through the many hours of interrogations, study and self-involved analysis, Ford has become a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde like character, with his arrogant desire for mastery attempting to confine erraticism. The episode is extremely well structured in emphasising this assured mind-set, Ford not hesitating in reeling in confessions, but powerfully projecting an image of a confident attitude. This is reaffirmed with his reaction to media coverage, as he delights in his display being given a spotlight. Yet, while Ford’s cold, objectifying approach to woman is further cemented, with his need for ownership, control and direction subtly edging upon paranoia, the moment he lacks such control and is trapped in a corner (nearly literally), his sporadic and careless side emerges. The final sequences illustrate this excellently, with his meeting with Kemper a direct contrast to the will and self-assured position he takes at the start of the episode. This is a phenomenal character study, and while it is sad Tench and Carr exist only on the peripheral of this episode, ‘Mindhunter’ asserts itself as Breaking Bad’s clear successor in tackling the downfall of ambitious anti-heroes. 9.5/10


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