Review: Mindhunter Season 1 Episode 7 “Episode 7”

There is meticulous, careful character development here that works hauntingly well within the episode’s story, showcasing the effect that the interviews and life within such an environment is having on the protagonists. Beyond the notions of academic versus practical perspectives that lead to excellently written conflict between Carr and Tench, Tench finally opens up about how his hardened, deflecting, uninterested nature is a defence mechanism to the horrors of his work. Paralleled with his issues at home, one can recognise how his professional life is invading his personal. Similar character features are evident with Carr and Ford. Ford’s bland, uncompromising focus is not only influencing his dress, but his relationship, while Carr’s belief in objectivity and not in emotion and spontaneity leads to an interesting home confrontation. These concepts benefit from superb performances and writing around psychological conditions that is truly insightful and balanced, ‘Mindhunter’ continues to deliver an astounding character study of the horrors of crime and violence. The episode structure is still rather formulaic and becoming bland, while the pace can be slow, but the compelling ideas put forward make it worth such stale moments. 8.9/10


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