Review: The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 4 “Some Guy”

Ezekiel’s journey here is admittedly a heart-breaking one, that benefits from Khary Payton’s performance. Yet, it also relies heavily upon tried and clichéd emotional beats, that set-up the predictable nature of the episode from the get-go. This forced sense of sympathy therefore often feels stale, bland and superficial. The ideas being presented, especially regarding Ezekiel’s realisation of the reality of the world in contrast to the fantasy he had constructed would be potent if they hadn’t been so old and repetitive. The sentiments are surely expressed, but the emotion and breath behind them is lacking. Shiva’s fate similarly has a superficial cry to it, a benefit to the VFX department more than an event of great impact. The director, however, does deliver a fantastic car chase sequence, that is so ridiculously Indiana Jones inspired, with almost comical zooms and camera shorts, that it is undeniably enjoyable. Furthermore, it was also satisfying to see Carol return to her action, even if there was little intention or depth behind that as well. 6.1/10


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