Review: Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 Episode 9 “Into the Forest I Go”

Relying too heavily on set-up, generic action sequences and flashbacks to force emotional heft, ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ unfortunately is unable to deliver a thrilling showcase with its mid-season finale. One of the key reasons I believe much of this season worked was the show’s gritty, slow pace, where actions, decisions and challenges were firmly discussed and crew member’s inability to overcome issues led to well-developed sub-plots and new pathways. This episode instead had the crew succeeding mostly without problem. Sure, Tyler had PTSD, though this was rushed and sudden, and Stamets had to confront his medical condition, but everything still fell into place nicely. This leads to a predictable ending that lacks true cause of concern, as considering the character’s leaps in ability they should be able to get around it easily enough. There is consequences throughout the episode, but none of it truly lands to escalate tension. 6.3/10


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