Review: Stranger Things Season 2 Episode 7 “Chapter Seven: The Lost Sister”

Diverting from the excellent tsunami of tension, thrill and resolution occurring in Hawkins, this episode could have succeeded if the emotional potency had remained consistent, and Eleven had been suitably developed. Unfortunately, neither occurs, as the Eleven’s arc here is never fully completed and this seems more a brief way of keeping her out of the action at home. While the audience’s understanding of the show’s mythology develops, Eleven learns very little and the way in which she is lured back to Hawkins feels contrived. It also doesn’t help that Kali and her gang are poorly written conceptually. Their purpose is to fight back against the horrendous torture the ‘bad men’ enacted, but their punk, energetic, careless tone promotes little weight or actual catharsis from their action. It is as if Kali uses her past as an excuse for violence, consequently contributing nothing to Eleven’s story or the show’s themes. 5.8/10


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