Review: Stranger Things Season 2 Episode 6 “The Spy”

Finally, ‘Stranger Things’ gripped me with an episode of intense emotional repercussion, presented excellently with a terrific performance by Noah Schnapp, and masterful crafting of horror action sequences. Andrew Stanton fully capitalises upon film reference and the show’s undeniable style with stellar cinematography to unleash a series of thrilling scenes. Vitally, however, the action doesn’t feel like isolated treats, but pivotal as climaxes to individual stories and the overarching narrative. While the set-up has been tedious, thankfully Stanton nails the result. In terms of character, Nancy and Jonathan’s diversion worked in focussing upon their typically 80s relationship, even if their scenes often stripped the episode of some overall momentum, while Dustin and Steve’s buddy adventure worked wonders in making Steve more sympathetic and escalating the overall love triangle with Nancy. 9.1/10


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