Review: Mr. Robot Season 3 Episode 5 “eps3.4_runtime-error.r00”

Sam Esmail’s directorial grip on this episode is undeniably its most evident purpose. In that sense, the episode both succeeds and fails. While the stunning one-shot creates a swirling effect reflecting Elliot’s mentality, his disjointed and lost memories and inability to focus, it also quickly becomes unnecessary and tedious. After the first third, Esmail draws out actions and sequences that ultimately provide very little to overall narrative, theme or character. While Angela’s role shows her continued journey into the depths of the Dark Army, with several symbolic moments suggesting such, her mission here, while entertaining from a visual standpoint, could have easily been condensed. This episode is without a doubt filler and could be perceived as a pretentious showmanship by the director, who for most of the episode lacks the thematic reasoning to back his choices up. Yet, it also does have some nice symbolic moments, and draws the viewer in. 8.1/10


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