Review: The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 3 “Monsters”

Last week’s catastrophic failings as a piece of entertainment are nearly replicated here. If it was not for an unpredictable ending and some nice visuals, ‘Monsters’ would truly be an embarrassing text. With no narrative purpose ‘The Walking Dead’ has no identity or sense of knowing what it is. Bordering upon a parody in some instances, including some ridiculously edited fight sequences with Jesus and Morgan, with no hold of consistent character (I have no idea who Morgan is as he changes episode to episode), the show instead relies upon poor nostalgic ties that ultimately add nothing thematically or in influencing character. There is no tension, no unease or uncertainty, but simple uncontrolled mayhem that is for the most part boring to watch, and definitely without any sort of impact emotionally or on story. 3.2/10


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