Review: Alias Grace Season 1 Episode 1 “Part 1”

Instantly, through potent, timely, and often haunting narration, ‘Alias Grace’ asserts itself as thematically resonant in terms of a gender study. Its approach to the main character, Grace, is purposefully ambiguous as the audience is told her perspective of her story, yet interspersed throughout are other more traumatising retellings and flashbacks. The exposition heavy narration could become tiring as could the constant questioning of Grace’s loyalties and truth, but the statement the show makes is undeniably thought-provoking. The contradictory and hypocritical accusations laid against women within such a patriarchal society is well complimented by the production design and acting. Furthermore, the little hopes Grace notes is powerfully resemblant on the stepping stones women face towards equality. It is certainly a narrative set to theme, and certainly an important one, so hopefully its story is as engaging as what it wishes to say. 8.9/10


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