Review: Designated Survivor Season 2 Episode 6 “Two Ships”

‘Designated Survivor’ clearly stresses with this episode that it has a formula and undeniable sense of what it wants it audience to take away from its characters. Unfortunately, while this perspective does result in well-told, albeit never particularly compelling or tantalising, central episodic stories, it also becomes extremely repetitive. I have had issues with Kirkman’s moral high-ground for many episodes now, and this entry again relies heavily upon it, while also making up random interests for the President to be relatable. It is a soppy, messy and contrived means of creating emotion, and one that is becoming increasingly tedious and off-putting. The ending does luckily divert from a nice simply resolution, but the Charlotte Thorne story, evidently this season’s serial narrative, feels just as contrived in make-up as the episodic. ‘Designated Survivor’ knows what it is trying to do, including presenting some more character work with Emily, but it really has no clue how to do it. 5.9/10


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