Review: Stranger Things Season 2 Episode 4 “Chapter Four: Will The Wise”

Creating a slow-burn, creeping, and eventually traumatising tone is fine if the writers are able to selectively balance set-up with catharsis. Unfortunately, ‘Stranger Things’ is yet to get the mixture just right, again relying heavily upon teases upon teases with few answers being presented. Extending out a mystery over a season is not a bad thing, but there needs to be moments of clarity along the way that I feel this show is missing. Are we anymore the wiser about Will’s condition, the pumpkin farm, or the Doctor’s plans than we were four episode ago? The thematic potency of this episode is excellent however, as while Will’s condition is poorly written, layered with stiff, transparent exposition, it allows for another instance of adults being powerless. The promises adults make, in contrast to their eventual ability is a strong, emotionally heavy theme. Although it is beginning to be overused with Eleven and Hopper, though that story needs overall progression, the themes signal how the show could gain immense intrigue if it were to propel the story forward faster. 7.5/10


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