Review: The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 2 “The Damned”

What an atrociously structured and thought-out episode! Without any regard for simple character mechanisms or understanding of how to intrigue an audience, this episode’s writers place the wide array of characters, who at this point are more walking bodies due to a lack of personality or intention, in a war zone with zero purpose alluded to the audience. They may be trying to bring down the Saviours. but that has no emotional resonance if we have no greater connection to the ‘enemies’. Trying to make a full episode out of repetitive shoot-outs and confrontations therefore has no weight or meaning. The Jesus and Tara discussion comes the closest, but even that pulls on old themes and fake-outs. Artistry is implemented for no point as the director believes, somehow, that their crafty shots and insight will elevate the material. It doesn’t, but instead comes off as pretentious. 2.8/10


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