Review: Designated Survivor Season 2 Episode 5 “Suckers”

Beginning with a nice set-up of a series of complex, determined storylines interwoven into serial narrative with the President’s agenda, ‘Designated Survivor’ was readying itself for a compelling hour. Instead, it once again returned to its norms, utilising supposedly inspirational, morally courageous dialogue that gets Kirkman out any issue. Sure, it reinforces the character’s core values, but it takes him no where as per usual. Kirkman’s concluding actions also act to create sympathy for every character, when many should not be redeemed. The ‘suckergate’ story feels overly dramatic, and detached from current reality where such an issue would easily slide under the table. Maybe thats this episode’s point, that Kirkman would address it, but it uses conventional techniques to get there, somewhat. 6/10


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