Review: Mr. Robot Season 3 Episode 3 “”

The so-called legacy of Tyrell Wellick has been haunting Elliot for many episodes now, and the ramifications of ‘his actions’ upon society have been potently touched upon, leaving the audience patiently waiting for his role to be revealed. In that sense, this episode fails to muster up enough shock to justify his absence, instead placing him in a generic lock-up for his own safety. Instead of telling Tyrell’s story or providing him a more definitive role, Sam Esmail seems to simply show-off how he could connect events. The anti-climax is probably purposful but it doesn’t achieve anything greater on a thematic or character level. There are a few nice surprises and Bobby Cannavale continues to do stellar work, but ultimately by the end, Tyrell Wellick is no more developed than I would have hoped and expected. 7.4/10


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