Review: Mindhunter Season 1 Episode 6 “Episode 6”

Wendy Carr has been one of the most intriguing, consistently absorbing, and scene-stealing components of this show so far, so to see her gain development that not only fits organically, but reflects the show’s wider themes, was absolutely intoxicating. Unfortunately, however, it slots in within an arguably unnecessary episode that could have easily been added to the end of the previous instalment to add greater consequence and resolution to that entry. However, these structural and pacing problems cannot deny the excellent concepts the show presents after an episode I believed was becoming less interested in being thought-provoking and more concerned with simply seeming radical. While Carr’s evident reveal this episode fits perfectly with the boundaries of social assumption, expectations and how identities merge, perfect for the time period, Tench and Ford’s persuasion with the DA showcases that an intellectual, or academic, approach, may not always gain results, and sometimes it is the practical, fundamentals that serve to garner the most. 8/10


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