Review: Mindhunter Season 1 Episode 5 “Episode 5”

The reveal of a killer or criminal on procedural crime television is often accompanied by some form of fascination or surprise in identifying the image they have projected to protect themselves. This concept of duplicity and performance is interwoven into this episode’s dialogue perfectly, with the episode fittingly focussed upon an investigation of two stories or ‘presentations’. While it is compelling intellectually, the episode however, doesn’t take the thematic notion further enough or into unknown territory with an original perspective. Furthermore, the episode, which features very little in regard to its overall serial plot, is too subtle in connecting the investigation to the characters’ wider research, and doesn’t capitalise upon the last episode’s ending. Even though the investigation will certainly affect the characters’ decision making in coming episodes, this episode still feels isolated. I hope it does have some lasting effect in coming episodes, although I would preferred to have seen some of that here, to give it a more consequential ending. 8.7/10



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