Review: Mr. Robot Season 3 Episode 2 “eps3.1_undo.gz”

Rami Malek delivers a powerhouse performance here, as Elliot dives into his new quest for global and personal stability. We have seen it before, but this is the first time such an approach to the character has felt correctly positioned within the narrative, with a suitable pace that sustains interest. Elliot opens himself to a new ideological practice, even if it is under some false assumption, that showcases the loneliness of venturing beyond ones’ normality, and straying from an initial cause. His emotional state is liberated as he accepts his new path, wishing to treat the man inside him, and the perspective he brings, with scorn rather than playing companion. While the Joanne Wellick content is thrilling, and presents another intriguing question for the FBI, it also feels too sudden and manufactured for a show so meticulous in its crafting. However, I do hope the fast pace is retained in the coming episodes as Stage 2 comes forth. 9.1/10


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