Review: Mindhunter Season 1 Episode 4 “Episode 4”

The habitual mentality of a ‘sequence killer’ is resembled carefully throughout this episode, as the process Ford and Tench utilise to find new research cases is reinforced. It may be repetitive, but the excellently written investigative stories, recounts and discussions over suspects sustains a compelling pace. Such repetition may be a sign of the show’s focus upon commonality and precision, noticing that while individual situations differ, there are wider underlying similarities linked to human thought. Both Ford and Tench, as well as Carr to lesser extent, receive further brilliant character work, as their positions in life come under scrutiny to reaffirm Tench’s restrained, thoughtful approach and ability to recognise smaller moments, and Ford’s ambition and eagerness often blurring his previous sensitivities. For Ford, his relentless pursuit and inability to separate professional and personal is almost symbolic of his subjects. This complexity in conceiving the similarities and differences of personalities and intentions continues to be in the forefront of the show’s vision, even if the repetition does become obvious. 9/10


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