Review: Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 Episode 5 “Choose Your Pain”

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ proposes a dual narrative to tackle the class system, economic implication and other thematic values. Discussing how economic gain can be absorbed from minorities and their consequent treatment, as well as continuing a focus upon diversity, each narrative carries dramatic weight and is well written. Michael’s story features a dose of emotion to showcase its ideals, while Lorca’s includes two compelling characters and a superbly directed action sequence. Unfortunately, however, especially in the case of Michael, an uneven tone and mass exposition does undermine some of the episode’s weight, while Saru seems inconsistent. While his intentions here match his species’ background and beliefs, he is also too stoic and careless compared to previous episodes where his warm motivations were prevalent. Regardless, this episode was a certain step forward for the series, as it balances its sci-fi endeavours and themes with episodic situations. 8.5/10


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