Review: Fear The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 15 “Things Bad Begun”

Finding a satisfying conclusion to what has been for the most part an excellent season of emotional television set within a discussion of colonialism and indigenous rights, was always going to be difficult. It needed to provide an outcome for all sides, in terms of character and theme. Yet, ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ instead slides back into its norm, providing semi-tense sequences of characters in argument without any real purpose but to stall. Every character at the dam in a ways feels the same with secretive, passive aggressive approaches to each other. It doesn’t make for compelling television, especially as Alicia’s meandering narrative presents a clichéd, done thousands of times before villain. It is great that there is a sense of climax erupting, but when the build up is so tedious, will the result be gratifying? 6.6/10


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