Review: Mindhunter Season 1 Episode 2 “Episode 2”

Although the central purpose behind this episode is to push the two protagonists into a place where their actions in meeting with serial killers could have wider implications, rather than being personal sources of knowledge, Fincher’s direction and the writing add needed complexity and undertones. My primary concern with ‘Mindhunter’ that developed out of the premiere, is that theme may run narrative, but this episode expertly marries the two. With the assistance of an incredible Cameron Britton as Edmund Kemper, Fincher finds absolute perfection in creating scenes that are tense, enlightening and perplexing. They are coupled brilliantly with the relationship between Holden and Debbie to showcase how mechanisms in one interpersonal conversation may not replicate in others. Intimacy and distance within relationships are dynamic and evolving, not static, standardised functions. While will be able to utilise knowledge he gains from Kemper, it will be interesting to see how he applies this, noting that other murder cases are not within the same vacuum. This character work is stunning, and Groff sells his character’s mixture of optimism and realisation, while Tench comes out of his settled shell. 9.3/10


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