Review: Designated Survivor Season 2 Episode 3 “Outbreak”

‘Designated Survivor’ has, on a number of occasions, produced social commentaries that are ambitious and thought-provoking in concept, but rarely executed with the depth they need, often due to the limitations of network TV in terms of scale, budget and pace. This episode provides one of those occasions, as while the discussion of black civil rights in America, within a larger debate about capitalist perspective and intention, is stirring in how it is illustrated against a timely backdrop of the purpose of historical statues, it never gets a true moment. Instead it feels like the writers stumbled across it, and gave it a little life. The dialogue, however, is mostly excellent in capturing a witty, almost light-hearted inter-play between characters. While it often conflicts with the serious crisis, the writers give the two narratives enough space, so it does work and Sutherland does exceptional work in both tones. Hannah’s story is unfortunately slowing the show does, as although the series does need some serial arc, it feels like she is on a goose-chase with no purpose to be revealed anytime soon. 8.4/10


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