Review: Mindhunter Season 1 Episode 1 “Episode 1”

In reflecting the show’s protagonist, David Fincher poses an extensive range of visual questions and thematic notions that are socially haunting and personally thought-provoking. Most bold in its representation of the relationship between people, Fincher utilises broad long and wide shots to elicit the concept of distance, a recurring concept that no man truly understands the mind of another. The metaphoric distance also superbly highlighted by the stark contrast between inner and outer spheres. Institutional practise is shown as out of date with evolving social norms and behaviour, while action and practicality is becoming subordinate to academia. Our expectations are continually shot down, especially with the nuanced main character, whose sensitivity shines brightly in contrast to his precision and wish for intellectual accuracy. These symbolic ideas and social commentary are brilliantly handled and uniquely examined, but there are sections where theme seems to be the centre-point, and character and narrative simply follow along. ‘Mindhunters’ has no concern for quick pace or absolute thrilling spectacle, but instead invests itself in delving deep into what make society tick. How it keeps the audience invested is to going to be its greatest obstacle. 9.2/10


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