Review: Fear The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 13 “This Land is Your Land”

The final scene of this episode is near as perfect as ‘The Walking Dead’ has ever got. It is a simply, quiet reflection set beautifully in the middle of a rugged terrain that clearly identifies this show’s rural, apocalyptic backdrop. Without any score or musical intrusion, the scene is a devastating insight into the silence of the world the characters find themselves in, as well as the piercing frustration Alicia feels. This episode confirms Alicia as the show’s most complex, intriguing and toughest character, a sentiment that is promoted by Alicia Debnam-Carey’s performance. While the writing does slow the episode down mid-way, with rather repetitive ideological discussions about survival versus fear, that could have been better edited with the more action-centric elements of the episode to create an impact between outside and inside the bunker, it is still miles ahead of most shows in this genre. It respects its characters and doesn’t resort to contrived situations. 9.3/10


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