Review: Designated Survivor Season 2 Episode 2 “Sting of the Tail”

The writers excellently marry episodic character introduction and issue with serial drama and narratives. The best example of this is how the court sequences feel like their own entity, introducing new characters, with a realistic stance towards political conflict. They also are neither rushed nor drawn out, but are edited well structurally into the overlapping story. The stepping stones used throughout this episode in reaching to the climax also feel organic, even if rather clichéd. The only major issue, however, and it is substantial, is that the entire reason the show has a narrative now seemed underpinned by a rather stupid, careless point. It leads to a resolution that is equally cheap, generic and predictable. It doesn’t hurt this episode as a whole, but going forward it may decrease tensions and future conflict may not be invested in. 7.8/10


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