Review: Designated Survivor Season 2 Episode 1 “One Year In”

‘Designated Survivor’ returns, but unfortunately it also brings back its greatest issues. While attempting to maximise the villainy of Lloyd in a manner that continues to be utterly fruitless, the show implements a strange mixture of tone that like last season gets in the way of strong character development. There is an interlacing of moods and often quick transition between light and dark and between desperate and relieved, in a sense that becomes distracting. It is too soon to say if the introduction of Lyor will bring along a refreshing dynamic, or quickly getting annoying, but it is exciting to see the cast grow within the political boundaries. This is despite Kirkman’s political speeches and monologues resulting in some of the show’s most cringe-worthy moments, especially with the continued moral high ground the character is delivered, and how the writers are explicitly making a critique towards Trump that is way too on the nose. 6.7/10


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