Review: Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 Episode 1 “The Vulcan Hello”

One of my pet hates as a viewer, especially in terms of the sci-fi genre which can often quite successfully find balance between deep realism and oddity, is when humour is utilised as a means to bolster a character. As a result of humour typically being a interpersonal device, this commonly leads the other character to be devalued or made inferior. Such an issues riddles this premiere, as some characters’ skills and contributions are sometimes undermined by the semi-archetype they represent. Saru’s fear is another example of an individual emotion controlling character, as while it is clearly a foundation of his species, little else is attributed to him. Furthermore, the captain and sub-ordinate relationship is too cliched and Burnham’s actions are far too predictable. It is a shame such character problems overshadow what is otherwise an astonishingly beautiful episode of delicious visual effects and directorial charm that captures grand vistas and poignant moments. The thematic arguments are also superbly engrained within narrative points, especially in terms of diversity and not allowing first impressions control decision. Hopefully this was just an awkward introduction to characters that clearly need more fleshing out. 6.9/10

*Note: I have not viewed any other Stark Trek television shows, but have viewed some films. I do not, however, believe this show disadvantage my experience as a viewer.


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