Review: Preacher Season 2 Episode 13 “The End of The Road”

It is a shame that a season that started so high, ended with certain consequence, but also definite disappointment. The quest for God was an enticing hook for the season to begin with, as it provided the opportunity for the three protagonists to go on a road-trip, meet new odd people, be confined to each other, and therefore see how they compare to each other and the rest of the world. ‘Preacher’ is at its best when the Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy relationship is emphasised, and while it is certainly stressed here, with a brilliant insight into how lost Cassidy and Tulip were without Jesse, it still didn’t reach the highs of premiere and second episode. It was an inevitable result as the season’s plot became murky and God became an after-thought that will have to be retreaded in the future. But for a show with such great assets, instead the audience had to witness Eugene never really develop, Hitler jump between relevance and obscurity, and a series of abrupt plot moves. There is an emotional capacity to Tulip that never felt capitalised upon in this episode, with much of the drama of her fate being given to Cassidy. Within the relationship the two had it works, but it also robbed the ending of potency. 7.9/10


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