Review: It

Source: Den of Geek

Consciously traumatising, but also proudly intellectual in its stance towards the horror genre, ‘It’ may be over-long, have a scattered structure that often makes the conceptual ideas difficult to follow, and often rely too heavily upon tropes, but its ambition and style can not be doubted. Arguing that life is neither a cheerful, joyous experience, nor a fearful, dark, terrorising one, ‘I.t’ propels the idea that behind the happiness is implication and false security, while one’s enjoyment can be secured through continual persistence and confidence. Using humour in interesting, thematic ways, the director finds a sweet spot where the suspenseful, thrilling tone is never diluted by quips and remarks. The writing feels symbolic of the character’s experiences as they attempt to understand the situation they are in, but still remain children. It’s a complex foundation that is made murky by a lack of solid world-building, but one that will certainly pay-off. 4/5


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