Review: Preacher Season 2 Episode 12 “On Your Knees”

It took until the final third for this episode to have any true purpose and wider implication upon the narrative. Sure, the first half benefited from superb direction, performances and a tense showdown between Jesse and the Saint of Killers, but otherwise it was unnecessary, repetitive, too quick in pace and ultimately meaningless. In hindsight, it seemed to act as a quick resolution to the Saint’s presence on Earth and to maximise on Tulip’s emotional vulnerability, which never fully materialised due to the pacing and the scattered focus. Yet, the discussion between Tulip, Cassidy and Jesse near the episode’s end is one of the show most important sequences. It feels organic and justified, an excellent result of a season’s worth of set-up, as the characters never defy Jesse or his values and decisions, but begin to see their lack of place in his world. The scene is brilliantly written for bringing together humour and emotional potency. It is just a shame the writers couldn’t think of any better path to it within this episode. 6.5/10


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